Basic Info:
Name: Lim Yi-Nyn
Age (As of 2019): 25 years old
Height: 1.59m
Trained by: Jacqueline Chow, FLY Entertainment
Language Spoken: English

Yi-Nyn is a firm believer of sharing her passion ands translating these opportunities into
relatable stories for everyone wherever she goes. For her, hosting is not just a stage, but it is
an opportunity to create an experience of a lifetime. Yi-Nyn is currently a Year 3 student in
SMU School of Business.

Formal/ Semi-Formal Events:

Tourism Student Seminar 2013
29th Jan 2013

Formal | ITE CW School of Business and Services
The first ever Tourism Student Seminar was organized by Institute of Technical Education. The theme of the seminar was crafted to give industry experts and students an insight to the future plans of the various sectors of the tourism industry. As the host, I had to introduce keynote speakers, panel discussions, manage the Q&A session and announce the token of appreciation awardees.

National Day Parade 2012
8th Aug 2012

Semi-formal | ITE CW Student Career Services Centre
An annual event organized by the Institute of Technical Education to commemorate Singapore’s 47th Birthday which included performances and prize presentations.

Informal Events:

SMU Patrons’ Day 2018
25th Jan 2018

Informal | SMU Office of Student Life & University Events
Patron’s Day is an annual celebration of SMU’s anniversary. With this year’s theme, “I AM POWER” the highlights of the roadshow include the Makers’ Market, lucky draws and sponsor shout-outs.

Arts Camp 2018 – Showdown and Glam Tech Night
25th Jun 2018

Informal | SMU Arts & Cultural Fraternity
The Showdown is a prelude to Arts Camp Finale Night filled with performances and games. The role of the emcee involves introducing sponsorship presentations as well as facilitating the games and dance battles. Arts Camp Finale – Glam Tech Night is the closing activity of the annual SMU Arts and Cultural Fraternity camp. The program includes showcases by a total of 180 freshmen and facilitators, along with prize presentations to end the camp.

SOSS Freshmen Orientation Camp 2018
6th to 8th Jul 2018

SOSS Freshmen Orientation Camp is represented by SMU School of Social Sciences. During the opening ceremony of the annual 3D2N Freshmen camp I welcomed speakers and performances onstage as well as hyping the freshmen for the camp. During the Closing ceremony, I introduced the sponsorship speakers, prize presentation and hyped up all camp performances.

StarringORIENTATION – Starring Camp 2018
14th to 16th Jul 2018

Informal | StarringSMU
StarringORIENTATION is a part of a Community Service Project (CSP) initiative aimed at helping the special needs society. Hosting this event involved getting all participants informed and hyping the freshmen about the Starring SMU experience. During the Finale Night, I facilitated welcome performances, sponsorship talks and award presentations.

Bondue Camp 2018 – Opening Ceremony
6th Aug 2018

Informal | SMU Business Society
Bondue Camp 2018 – Alera is SMU Business Society’s annual 3D2N Freshmen Camp that attracted more than 300 participants. As the emcee, the role involved facilitating speeches, performances, hyping the freshmen about the Bondue experience.

Lights Run 2018
23rd Aug 2018

The very first of its’ kind, Lights Run 2018 is the signature run in Singapore Management in 2018. As the emcee, the role involved hyping the crowds, announcing the flag-off, prize presentation, introducing the guests of honor, sponsors and performances.


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