Stay healthy, Stay Active with active red!

In the fast-paced life of an Undergraduates, you can barely find time to go for a great work out to sweat out all that stress!

With Active Red, classes are personalized to our needs to ensure that we keep fit and in shape even while juggling endless school commitments! From kickboxing classes, not only will you be able to pick up a self-defense technique, but also work on those toned muscles for an amazing summer beach body! If you prefer something less strenuous, personal training and circuit trainings also fit the bill to fulfill your regular workout.

Thank you Active Red, for providing our contestants as well as our members the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a fast-paced environment!

Sign up for a session with Active Red to get your lungs pumping and achieve a fitter and healthier you!

Image credits: Rica C. Jeslyne

Image credits: Rica C. Jeslyne


What’s better than a watch to finish off a perfect look?

The brown, sleek and smooth leather enwrap perfectly on our skin. It’s minimalistic yet carefully crafted and engineered designs fits for various occasions. Apart from the usual classic monochrome colors, Claude Bernard also produced vibrant pieces exuding a unique personality. It helps to balance the classy elegance and the lively spirit of the wearer.

Claude Bernard’s watches are assembled in Switzerland by Swiss watchmakers. It is not just a mere watch - it is a “miniature time-machine” of engineering and design excellence forged from 500 years of Swiss watchmaking tradition. Every timepiece assembled is a piece of high-quality craftsmanship.

Claude Bernard - definitely a watch worthy of value!

Fresh By Grace (1).jpg

Look fresh with fresh by grace

Stay Fresh and Be Graceful, that is Fresh by Grace’s image of ladies that are clad in their apparels. Every piece exudes elegance and are highlighted with special accents to bring out the image of the self-empowered millennial lady.

Aside from its unique designs that accentuates the individual qualities of the wearer, it’s light and comfortable fabric is a go-to outfit for every occasion. Ladies, you will definitely be spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting the perfect outfit with Fresh By Grace!

Each of our contestants definitely love the pieces they wore for the photoshoot - giving them that look of beauty and elegance they need to capture the heart of our audience. Thank you Fresh by Grace for gracing our female contestants with the perfect outfits to slay the competition!

Be confident and uniquely you with Fresh by Grace!


suitable in the eye of everyone - visual mass

In the world of fashion, eyewear is no longer just a necessity for wearers who need it, but also a fashion accessory. Visual Mass offers the best choice for the fashion-conscious individual!

Visual Mass was founded on the belief that design-conscious eyewear should not cost an arm and a leg. Based on this principle, Visual Mass offers affordable and high-quality eyewear suitable for anyone, with frames starting from just $95! They carry a variety of designs, the vibrant colour for the energized and classic looks to suit any occasion. Providing vision to everyone (‘mass’), and helping everyone look good (‘visually’) in our eyewear. Get a pair of glasses from Visual Mass to complete your fashionista look today!

“I’ve always been wanting to find a new pair of sunglasses and Visual Mass was my go-to place as it provides a range of affordable sunglasses I could look into. Their products are not only affordable but their designs are simple and convenient that fits the wearer’s features.” - Shawn Tan Jun Hao, president of SMUBE. Check our member, Shawn, decked out in one of Visual Mass’s stunning pair of sunglasses!



Have you ever went on a shopping spree, only to regret how much money you spent after? Shop the smarter way with ShopBack!

As students, we always look for the cheapest deals or discounts for the fear that the money in our wallet starts to slowly disappear. Get cashbacks on your spending and you will never have to be afraid of spending over your budget1 ShopBack offers up to 30% cashbacks when you shop, brands including the likes of Zalora, foodpanda and ASOS. Be it when you shop for clothes, order food or plan your next overseas travel, ShopBack is able to give you the best cashbacks available, providing even greater savings for you! If there’s anything better than shopping, it’s shopping and saving at the same time.

Thank you ShopBack for your support for Voice Personality Hunt 2018! It’s indeed a smarter way to shop yet save money for a new year, new me!


Sensitive? blushwax is your solution!

To the self-conscious lady, there is much sensitivity to be hairless, and the sentiment that shaving harms the skin is rising fast. Blush Wax is a one-stop solution for the lady!

Located conveniently at Somerset, Blush Wax is a waxing parlour providing a variety of waxing services: you name it they have it! From body waxing to Brazilian waxing, they ensure that ladies that come go through a proper hair removal procedure without harming their skin. Blush Wax also has their own body wash, Green Pharmacy Intimate Wash, which is designed to nourish the skin after waxing. You are in good hands with Blush Wax to have all your hair removal needs fulfilled!

“Blushwax has provided us with the best intimate wash thus far. As someone who is conscious about hygiene but wants to take proper care, blushwax’s intimate wash provides me with the perfect solution for my body.” - Nadirah, Director of Marketing & Communications, SMUBE. Thank you Blushwax for your support for Voice Personality Hunt 2018! With Blushwax, our female contestants and members are ensure with quality hygiene with your products and offerings!


Save the environment with loving hut

With all the talk of environment conservation, going vegan has been all the rage, providing many new food options.

 Loving Hut is an international chain of vegan restaurants that believe that all beings on earth can co-exist. At Loving Hut, they provide a variety of vegan options to customers. A lunch time buffet and an a la carte dinner menu ranging from Asian to Western and fusion cuisines, it is certainly a treat for the taste palate for all. Go vegan with Loving Hut and play a part to stop climate change!

Thank you Loving Hut for your support for our two key events - Voice Personality Hunt 2018 & BE XPOSE CAMP 2018! Our members are definitely aware of how important it is to save the environment and may this be the first step to us being more environmentally conscious!


Comfortable, carefree & Casual

Looking for the perfect outfit for a day out with friends? Shop at Yishion today!

Yishion hit the shores in 2013, bringing with it a line of casual clothing for youths. The pieces on the racks in Yishion stores have an edgy feel to them, the fashionista touch to each outfit. Yet with the stylish outlook, Yishion’s clothing are comfortable and suitable for the masses. Their designs fit perfectly into the wardrobes of youths like you and I for the day-out on the weekends. Shopping at Yishions makes achieving the trendy look effortless with the wide range of designs that stay true to the perfect casual streetwear outfit.

Thank you Yishion for making our contestants look great during their photoshoot for Voice Personality Hunt 2018! Our contestants were stunningly decked out in Yishion’s unique pieces and manage to garner the heart of our audience not only with their voice, but also their beauty and vibes! Check out the participants’ photoshoot pictures on our Instagram!



Preserve your memories with pixelmusica

Photography is the magic that turns a moment into eternity!

 At PixelMusica, they prioritise the needs of their clients, and to help their clients tell their stories through branding, design, web development, photography, videography and sound services. The professionals at PixelMusica are attentive to the needs of their clients, ensuring that they present the best of themselves in front of a camera to preserve who they are right in that moment. They also take the effort to ensure the theme of an entire photoshoot is constant and comes out as a cohesive finish. The inexplicable comfort they provide their clients during each encounter certainly makes the experience the best yet. Engage the professionals at PixelMusica to preserve your best memories with the perfect touch!

Our contestants as well as mentors had a great time working with PixelMusica’s team - whom have provided us with aesthetically pleasing photos to grace this big event! “The shoot were seamless and everyone was great a pleasure to work with! I even manage to sneak in some photos for myself haha!” - Beatrice. Thank you PixelMusica for your support in Voice Personality Hunt 2018! We are truly honored to have your support in this event!


Start 2019 classy with mgp label

Semester’s starting? Interviews? Gathering with friends and family? If you find your choice of outfits getting limited, head to MGP Label!

 MGP Label provides high quality and affordable clothing for the young and trendy ladies. They have outfits for every occasion, be it a wedding, work or just a weekend out with your girlfriends, MGP has it! MGP Label is the one-stop to get all your apparel needs fulfilled. Styles of MGP Label’s pieces are all classy yet stand out at the same time. The high quality of their clothing is evident in the comfort and the detail went into designing each piece to meet the needs of the millennial woman today. Don’t hesitate and stop by MGP Label to do your shopping for the season!

Our finalists were looking great in their selected pieces that fits the theme of the event. Not only did that brought up their confidence but also brought out their true vibrant and classy personality on stage. Thank you MGP Label for supporting our finalists!


get the perfect hairstyle with autocutt barbershop

Are you a dude in need of a hair transformation? Autocutt Barbershop is the place to go!

From the moment you step into Autocutt Barbershop, it’s like a step back in time. The barbershop sports a vintage set-up, with the traditional red-and-white barber pole outside the door and many posters decorating the walls. The barbers at Autocutt to pay attention to the details of your hairstyle and give you the long overdue hair makeover worthy of a 21st century fashionista, while maintaining individualism in every style. They ensure the comfort of every customer with their original fragrance cologne with every cut as well, giving each styling a refreshing finish.

Autocutt Barbershop also carries the O’Boy Pomade. A must-have in the styling routine of every man, the O’Boy Pomade is made to last for long hours and keep your hair right in place as you go about your busy day. Trust in Autocutt Barbershop to tend to every need of yours to get their perfect hairstyle for yourself!


The urban aesthetics - your solution to looking stunning anywhere & everywhere

There is nothing more important to a lady than to look her best at the upcoming dinner function, or to dress to impress a significant other. Professionals at The Urban Aesthetics will be there to help ladies along the way!

At The Urban Aesthetics, there is a dedicated team of the best of hair stylists, facial therapists, semi-permanent make-up experts under the same roof. They ensure that the treatment and style done up is best suited for the individual based on their needs. You will be in their safe hands to have the most successful makeover at The Urban Aesthetics!

 The Urban Aesthetics also offers the Tokio IE Outkarami Platinum Oil Treatment for the hair. It moisturizes and protects damaged hair that is exposed to the harsh weather, giving hair a natural shine. It also prevents damage from UV rays and has anti-aging qualities with the use of Fullerene in their products, a Nobel Prize winning ingredient.


REVAMP your wardrobe with h”connect

School’s reopening soon and looking to revamp your wardrobe? Head down to H:CONNECT for a variety of options!

H:CONNECT combines the chic and the contemporary, which gives birth to many stylish outfits for school! For the ladies, they have outfits ranging from cute, to chic to casual. For the gentlemen, they have outfits ranging from cool, to fresh to trendy. With looks suitable for every mood for school, H:CONNECT’s Korean-influenced fashion has a look for everyone. The variety of H:CONNECT’s lines of clothing provides customers the freedom to mix and match their unique style and outfit, while maintaining the comfort of wearing their pieces. H:CONNECT is certainly the affordable and high-quality option for some back-to-school shopping!


Protect yourself from the unpredictable with jowae!

Experiencing breakouts? Combatting dry skin? Count on Jowaé’s products, both facial and body care, to help soothe and moisturize your skin in the humid Singapore weather.

Using natural ingredients and the many years of research, the products of Jowaé helps the 21st century woman take care of her skin amidst the unpredictable weather and its effects on her skin. The effectiveness of their products lies in the use of lumiphenols in all their products, which helps re-balance the skin of users. Keep your skin ‘always alive’ with Jowaé!


something new with nothing’s new

“Dude? Chick? We don’t discriminate. It’s all unisex over here anyway.” That is the slogan of Nothing’s New. They provide a range of unisex and oversized clothing for youths.

With no discrimination between men and women clothing, their pieces are the best addition to your wardrobe to make that fashion statement! Their outfits are also comfortable to wear, making it the best choice for undergraduates like you and I for the long hours on campus. Handsewn in Singapore, buy a piece from Nothing’s New to support the local fashion scene and add vibrancy into your wardrobe today!


yoga the next solution to de-stress!

Yoga is known to be a great cure for stress, for the mind and body to be in touch again. At Dharana Yog, not only do they have yoga classes for stressed out undergraduates like you and I, they also combine aroma therapeutics in their sessions!

Through the different sessions like Aroma Basic, Aroma Flow and Aroma Yin, learn the different postures and breathing exercises to release the stress in your body. Let the aroma of different essential oils relieve the pressure in your mind. For the agile, they also have Movement & Mobility sessions to help sports climbing athletes improve their posture and stability. Come on down to Dharana Yog for a session to ease body tension and improve flexibility!