Basic Info:
Name: Serene Peh
Age (As of 2019): 21 years old
Height: 1.68m
Trained by: Jacqueline Chow, FLY Entertainment
Language Spoken: English and Mandarin
Relevant Skills: Formal events, drama, debate, knowledge in global affairs.

As a host, Serene strives to bring life to an event by making it engaging and memorable for everyone.
Serene is currently a Year 3 student in SMU School of Accountancy, and pursues her interests in
drama and debate and Model United Nations.

Formal/ Semi-Formal Events:

Nocturne 2019: Rhapsody of Dreams
24th Feb 2019

Semi-formal | SMU Ballare
Nocturne is an annual Ballare production to showcase the ballroom dance items
choreographed by SMU freshmen to alumni batches of Ballareans. Announced dance items and narrated the story behind the theme for Nocturne 2019.

Vivace 2018
17th Aug 2018

Semi-formal | SMU Vivace
SMU Vivace is a platform for freshmen and current SMU students to be exposed to the more than 150 CCAs available. There were CCA showcases and performances on stage as well as stage games for participants to win with attractive prizes.

P.A.K. Challenge 2018
22nd Jun 2018

Semi-formal | SMU Eagles Inc.
The annual startup pitching competition where the contestants pitch their ideas to venture capitalists and local entrepreneurs to win up to $50,000 funding. It is a day-long event with local startups, tech companies, media, entrepreneurship clubs of local universities and several other businesses coming together to bring aspiring student entrepreneurs an interactive and immersive experience.

College Day
25th Jul 2015

Formal | Victoria Junior College
This was an event to commemorate the College Day of Victoria Junior College. Announced award winners and introduced performances to the school and guest-of- honour during the event.

Informal Events:

SMU Patron’s Day Roadshow
23rd Jan 2019

Informal | SMU x-CEPT
SMU Patron’s Day Roadshow is a week-long event to promote SMU Patron’s Day, an annual celebration of the school’s anniversary.

ASoc Camp 2018
25th and 27th Jul 2018

Informal | SMU Accounting Society (ASoc)
ASoc Camp is the freshmen camp organized for incoming students of SMU School of Accountancy to learn about the school and make friends in the same faculty.


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