Events & Backstage

Events & Backstage (E&B) team is the sole provider of event technical support services at SMU. Crew members undergo sound reinforcement and live sound trainings conducted by Bruno Goh Luse (Founder of GLB Productions).

E&B has been a supporter for a total of 100 SMU events annually, and have supported up to 20 SMU Clubs in their array of events all year round from arts performances, symposiums and sports carnivals. Our accomplished members have also proven their capabilities in event technical knowledge beyond the school setting – 

Our alumni include Ang Kun Rong (Director at events company Weekends), Liew Kong Wai (Founder of Audio Solutions Audire) and Alumni Reuben Ong (Head of Audio and Sound at Star Vista). With a hefty portfolio, expertise and support from our alumni, our E&B team will definitely ensure smooth execution for your event.



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- TEDx
- Under The Stars
- Sound Foundry: Unplugged
- Ivory Keys Annual Productions
- Francophiles' Masquerade Ball
- ICON Global Village

Freshman Experience Day

- SIS Day
- SICS Day
- SMU Family Day
- SMU PAW Animal Day
- SMU Challenge
- SMU Masters Day
- Sports Appreciation Night

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