Campus Radio

Campus Radio (CR) is a student-run audio production unit at SMU that focuses on bringing relatable and entertaining audio content to our student community.

Our station is active online via our YouTube and Soundcloud channels, offering a diverse range of podcasts and interviews to keep our students up-to-date on the latest news and trends.

Our DJs also provide live coverage of SMU events such as VIVACÉ, Freshmen Experience Day, and Valentine’s Day via our live radio sessions. Additionally, CR serves the SMU community through our in-house recording studio, where artistes can record their work at an hourly rate.

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FE Day & Vivace

Unsure about which freshmen camps or co-curricular clubs to join? Our radio jockeys are here to help answer some of your queries through their live interviews with representatives of various camps and clubs.

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La Vie En Rose

Move aside cupid and make away for our radio jockeys! Love was definitely in the air during this year’s Valentine’s Day, as our radio jockeys gushed about love stories, tips, insights and experiences with the love-struck crowd.

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