Artiste Management Team (AMT) provides its artistes with hosting opportunities within and beyond school. From university-wide events to student club activities, our artistes are involved in major school events such as SMU Open House, Commencement, Convocation and Patron’s Day.

In addition, external training conducted by veteran host Jacqueline Chow, radio presenter Paul Carr and stage actor Daniel Jenkins have helped to equip our artistes with skills to host a myriad of events. Our members benefit from improving their public speaking skills, stage presence, and self-confidence. Some of our prominent alumni include Pornsak, and Dafril Phua (987FM DJ). If you need someone to be the face of your event, AMT is the place to go to.



"They were very enthusiastic throughout the entire event and knew how to entertain the crowd as well as get the message across. I felt at ease when I talked to the emcess because I knew I could rely on their experience and they knew what they were doing."

Marie Garcia, SMU Waikiki 2017 Programme Director