Basic Info:
Name: Yunju April Kim
Age (As of 2019): 21 years old
Height: 1.55m
Trained by: Jacqueline Chow, FLY Entertainment
Language Spoken: Native Korean, Fluent English and Basic Conversational Mandarin
Relevant Skills: Semi-Formal, Fun Events, Outdoor/Sports Event, Roadshow

April’s energy, passion and excitement brings joy to many, and aims to use her hosting skills to bring smile and laughter to her audience. She is currently a Year 4 student in SMU School of Business.

Formal/ Semi-Formal Events:

Post Graduate Commencement 2019
30th Jul 2019
Formal | SMU Office of Corporate Communication and Marketing
Hosted the Opening Ceremony of Post Graduate Commencement 2019 that includes the graduates from School of Economics, School of Accountancy and School of Information Systems.

VOIX Showcase 2019
16th Mar 2019
Semi-formal | SMU VOIX
Introduced the freshly joined members of SMU VOIX and also provide better
understandings of “What VOIX is” to their beloved family and friends. Most importantly, ensure the smooth flow of performances which was the first ever official performance experience for VOIX freshmen.

LIT Hackathon 2019
3rd Feb 2019
Formal | SMU Law Society (The Bar)
Introduced the honorable panels and celebrate the announcement of the winners of
SMU LIT Hackathon 2019 who challenged themselves to design innovative technological solutions to one of eleven specially curated legal industry problem statements.

SMU International Cultural Day - Global Village 2018
12th Sep 2018
Semi-formal | SMU International Connection
Celebrated the diversity of SMU culture, and encourage the whole students and general public to experience and appreciate the different cultural backgrounds over the world.

48 Hours Film Competition
5th Feb 2018
Semi-formal | SMU Broadcast & Entertainment
Hosted the event – introduced the name of the video, the team name, the highlights of clips and announcement of the winner for each award.

Global Arts Fair 2019
20th Jul 2019
Semi-formal | Global Arts Fair 2019
Flawlessly introduced the artist to the expected audience in Marina Bay Sands Expo D and successfully engaged the audience with the artist and his performance throughout the dual-language hosting (Korean and English).

Dormies Award Ceremony and Graduation Night
May 2016
Semi-formal | Korea International School, Jeju

Informal Events:

SMU City Games 2019
2nd to 3rd Mar 2019
Informal | Office of Student Life (OSL)
To celebrate the sports spirits and diversity of SMU community through various games, emcees have hosted Dragon Battle & Red X Games Obstacles Try out on Day 1 (2nd March) and Rex X Games Obstacles Races - Inter Faculty and Public – on Day 2 (3rd March).

13th Feb 2019
Informal | SMU International Connection (ICON)
Announced the grand beginning of ICONFEST, the festival to appreciate the diversity and international dynamic of SMU community! Introduced 13 different cultural clubs and encouraged more participants to join the endless excitement and priceless experience on the scene.

SMU Patron’s Day 2019 Roadshow
21st to 23rd Jan 2019
Informal | SMU
Celebrated and promoted the student engagement in SMU Patron’s Day 2019, emcees have shared their excitement and crucial information with the walking crowds in front of student canting area.

SMU Starry Nite 2018
16th Nov 2018
Informal | SMU SoundFoundry
Hyped up the atmosphere to engage both musicians and the audience into the event, and successfully create a supportive environment where SMU’s talented musicians could perform on the big stage with ease and jam!

Meta SIS School Camp
22nd Jul 2018
Informal | SMU Information System
Encouraged the involvement of the participants and announce the winner of the prizes that were selected by Meta SIS organizing committee and executive members.

Freshmen Orientation 2018 Run 1, 2, 3
18th Jul to 3 rd Aug 2018
Informal | SMU Student Association
Welcomed the incoming class of 2022 by hosting as emcee of Freshmen Orientations Run 1,2,3. Mainly hyping up the crowd, introducing CCAs, and presenting the Best Clan and Best Group of each Run 1, 2, 3.

Kidleidoscope Camp 2018
16th Jul 2018
Informal | SMU SICS
Celebrated the grand beginning of the Kidledioscope Camp 2018, successfully hype up the crowd and deliver the information to the audience.

ICON Appreciation Night
5th Apr 2018
Informal | SMU International Connection
Encouraged the involvement of the participants and announce the winner of the prizes that were selected by ICON cultural clubs and executive members.

9th Feb 2018
Informal | SMU Broadcast & Entertainment
Celebrated Chinese New Year with SMUBE family, conducted a stage game and
organized the Lo-Hei with the participants.

SMU Patron’s Day 2018 Roadshow
22nd Jan 2018
Informal | SMU
In celebration of SMU Patron’s Day, SMU operated a universal game called
SMUNOPOLY. With my co-senior Host, Prabh, we conducted the game and increased the excitement of the game.

Prinsep Time Capsule
28th Oct 2017
Informal | SMU Residence @ Prinsep St.
To celebrate the history of 10 years of Prinsep Residence, Prinsep organized its grand event called ‘Time Capsule’. By organizing the flow of the event and announce the winners of the talent show, I encouraged the involvement of the audience actively.

D’J Party 2019
13th Jul 2019
Informal | Singapore Street Festival 2019
Celebrated and introduced J-Pop Culture and Sub-Culture through music and dance
performances to local audience in Singapore. Flawlessly communicate with the stage crews and hype up the crowds to enjoy the festival together.


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